Viewing documentation

Each collection has a private and public documentation view, generated in real-time using the data synced to our servers.

Viewing Private Documentation

In order to view private documentation, which is only accessible to you and your Postman Pro or Enterprise team, click “View Docs” or “View in web” in the Postman app or in the Postman web view.

Private documentation is available to all Postman users. To view private documentation for a collection, make sure you’re signed in to the Postman app. When signed in, your username will be displayed in the top-right corner.


In the Postman app, expand the right angle bracket (>) next to any collection name to open the collections details view, and then click the View in web button.

collection details view

To view documentation for your team’s collections in the Postman app, you’ll see a View Docs button in your Team Library.

view docs from team library

Clicking this button will open the documentation for that collection in your browser. You’ll be able to browse all folders and requests in the collection, and see what the requests and code snippets look like with different environments selected.

view documentation

Keep in mind that this view is restricted to users in your Postman Pro and Enterprise team. This link will not work for anyone who does not have access to the collection itself. If the collection is shared with your team, anyone in the team can view the private documentation for this collection. If your collection is not shared, only you can view the private documentation for this collection.

To make this documentation available to other users, perhaps as a link on your website, you’ll need to publish the documentation.

Viewing Public Documentation

The public view is accessible via the public link, generated when you publish your documentation. Once you’ve published your documentation, anyone can access it via the public URL. This public URL will be displayed right after your documentation is published, and is also accessible via the Publisheddropdown in the private documentation view.

public documentation link

If you choose a verified custom domain, then your public documentation will also be available from your custom domain. For more information about using a custom domain, read about adding and verifying custom domains.

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