Postman’s native apps provide a MANAGE COOKIES modal that lets you edit cookies that are associated with each domain.

To open the MANAGE COOKIES modal, click the Cookies link under the Send button.

cookies link

This will open up the MANAGE COOKIES modal, and display a list of domains and the cookies associated with them.

manage cookies modal

To add a new cookie for the domain, click on the Add Cookie button. A pre-generated cookie string according to the HTTP State Management standards will be created, but you can edit it using the text input that appears below it. Clicking the Save button will save it to the app’s cookie store under the relevant domain.

create a cookie

Adding a domain

If you want to add a cookie for a domain that isn’t present in the domain list, you can add one by entering the hostname (without the port or the http://) in the input box at the top. Clicking the Addbutton will add it to the domain list. You can then add cookies for this domain by selecting it, and entering a new cookie value as described above.

add a domain

To update an existing cookie, go to the domain from the domain list, and click the cookie you want to edit. You can edit any property, and hit Save to update.

update cookie

Adding Cookies through Set-Cookie header

You can also add/edit the cookies through the Set-Cookie header through the response.

Coming soon

These are two properties which are not yet supported Postman.

  • SameSite
  • Cookie Prefixes
    • __Secure-
    • __Host-

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