Managing collections

From the Collections tab in the sidebar:

Click on a collection to show or hide the requests that comprise the collection. Use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard to navigate through the collections.

Edit and view collection details

Expand the right angle bracket (>) to show the details view for the collection. Collapse the left angle bracket (<) to hide the details view. You can add metadata like name and description so that all the information a developer needs to use your API is available easily.

collection details view

Create a new collection

Click the “new collection” icon on the top right, or save a current request to a new collection.

new collection icon

Reorder collections

Collections can be sorted either alphabetically by name or by when they were last updated. To do this, select the ”sort” icon on the top right and select Sort by name or Sort by date.

sort collections

Favoriting a collection

If you’re working on a few collections in particular, you can click on the star icon to bring the collection(s) to the top of the list.

favorite a collection

Filter collections

If you have a lot of collections, filter collections in the sidebar using the search input field.

filter collections

Delete a collection

Click the ellipses (…)next to a collection, and select “Delete”. If you didn’t intend to delete the collection, you can click the Undo link in the notification that appears at the top of the Postman app.

confirmation message

Share a collection

Learn more about sharing collections.

Other collection features

Reorder requests

Within a collection or folder, you can reorder requests using drag and drop. You can also reorder folders within a collection using drag and drop.

Save responses

Requests can also store sample responses when saved in a collection.

Use examples

With examples, you can mock raw responses and save them to a collection. Then, you’ll be able to generate a mock endpoint for each of them using Postman’s mock service.

Add scripts

Requests stored inside a collection can contain scripts to add dynamic behavior to the collection.

Adding folders

Folders are a way to organize your API endpoints within a collection into intuitive and logical groups to mirror your workflow. Next to the collection to which you want to add a folder, click on the ellipses (…) and select “Add Folder”.

add folder from dropdown

Add a name and description to the folder. Folders are initially ordered alphabetically by name, and the folder name and description will be reflected in your API documentation.

add folder modal

You can add deeper levels of nesting for folders. Drag and drop the folders to reorder them to create the ultimate customized folder structure.

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