Creating collections

What is a Postman Collection?

A Postman Collection lets you group individual requests together. These requests can be further organized into folders.

sample collection Echo

Why create collections?

  • Organization - Group together requests into folders and collections, so that you don’t have to search through your history over and over again.
  • Documentation - Add a name and descriptions to requests, folders, collections. Within Postman, you can use the collection browser to view this documentation. With Postman Pro, you can create and publish beautiful API documentation pages.
  • Test suites - Attach test scripts to requests and build integration test suites.
  • Conditional workflows - Using scripts, you can pass data between API requests and build workflows that mirror your actual use case of APIs.

Creating a new collection

  1. Go to the Collections tab in the sidebar.
  2. Click on the new collection icon in orange below. new collection icon
  3. Enter a name for your collection (and optional description).

Saving a request to a collection

  1. Create a new request in the builder.
  2. Hit the Save button. save button
  3. Chose an existing collection or a new collection, and hit Save.

Saving to a collection from history

  1. To save a single request to a collection, hover over a request under the History tab and click the plus icon (+). save to collection link
  2. When selecting multiple requests, click the plus icon (+) that displays at the top of the sidebar. save to collection link
  3. Chose an existing collection or a new collection, and hit Save.

Duplicating an existing collection

  1. Click the ellipses (…) to expand the control dropdown. collection ellipses
  2. Select “Duplicate” from the menu.

Learn how to share collections, importing and exporting collections, and other collection features.

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